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Dog Chiropractic

Embark on a journey of exceptional care with Trailblazer Chiropractic, where the heart of our practice revolves around your beloved animals. Serving the vibrant communities of Chino Valley, Prescott, and Prescott Valley in Arizona, we've redefined convenience by bringing the healing touch of chiropractic therapy directly to your doorstep.

As a trailblazing mobile clinic, we bridge the gap between holistic animal wellness and the comforts of your home, barn, or training haven. Bid farewell to the hassle of transportation – we're here to elevate the experience for both you and your cherished animal companions.

Let us be your partners in promoting vitality and well-being. Connect with us today to explore how our chiropractic expertise can make a transformative difference in the lives of your beloved animals. Your journey towards a happier, healthier animal starts with Trailblazer Chiropractic.

What is Animal Chiropractic?

Here at Trailblazer Chiropractic, we believe that motion is life. When there is a misalignment in the spine, we call that a vertebral subluxation. We correct the subluxation by hand only. When there is a misalignment, that means there can be a loss of motion in that area of the spine. By making a specific adjustment, we are helping to restore and preserve the neuro-musclo-skeletal system.

Chiropractic care for your animal does not replace primary veterinary care when needed.

What To Expect

Efficient Arrivals:

Please have your pet ready 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. For a seamless experience, ensure your pet has relieved itself prior to our arrival. If we're headed your way, anticipate a message notifying you of our imminent arrival.

Time Considerations:

Although our appointments are scheduled with precision, unforeseeable factors occasionally arise. We appreciate your understanding, granting us a 15-20 minute grace period for such occurrences. We'll personally reach out if any delays are expected.

Respectful Treatment:

In some instances, restraint methods like muzzles or chains may be employed to ensure optimal treatment. If this gives you pause, kindly discuss your concerns before your appointment.

Pet Comfort First:

Avoid basket muzzles or prong collars for dogs, and please refrain from sedating your animals. If your pet is nervous or has food allergies, bringing their favorite treat or motivator can alleviate their discomfort.

Post-Adjustment Care:

Following an adjustment, give your animal a day of rest to fully absorb the benefits of treatment. This recuperation period enhances the effectiveness of our care.

Thank you for entrusting us with your pet's well-being. We look forward to providing them with exceptional chiropractic care.

How can chiropractic help my dog?

Your dog may benefit from chiropractic if he or she is experiencing one or more of the following. 

  • Decrease in level of performance, laziness

  • Loss of wind capacity

  • Problems or difficulty executing desired movements such as climbing stairs or jumping on/off the couch

  • Behavioral changes(starting to snap, refusing to play with family member)

  • Problems reaching the food or water bowl or refusing to play with toys.

  • Short Striding, Uneven strides, toe dragging, stumbling, and uneven toe nail wear

  • Diagnosed conditions such as Degenerative arthritis

  • Muscles imbalance, spasms or atrophy

  • Abnormal Posture when standing, standing with hips uneven, choosing to stand on uneven ground, not standing in proper position when urinating, holding tail to one side.

  • Gait problems

  • Head shaking, ear problems, or allergies

  • Injuries resulting from falls, training, or other activities

  • Stressful situations such as conformation faults, changes in training, equipment, performance level and ability of the dog.

German Shepherd


"After being under chiropractic care myself, I decided to try animal chiropractic with Dr. Calle. My dog didn't have any "noticeable" issues that I could see. However, after watching Dr. Calle perform a detailed exam on my dog, I saw with my own eyes how she favored turning to one side and was restricted in some movements of her head. Dr. Calle was extremely patient with my dog because she doesn't take to strangers very easily. I really appreciated how she didn't force anything and it was obvious she has experience working with animals. I would highly recommend Dr. Calle caring for your furry family members!"
-Selena B.
Dogs on a Bench
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